Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In how many months will my child be able to read the Quran in Arabic?
    • If parents stay involved with their children and take an active role in listening and reviewing their lesson at home, the child can be able to read the Quran within a year.
  1. Do you teach with Tajweed?
    • Yes, we teach with Tajweed. The students are not allowed to advance without learning letters with correct pronunciation.
  2. Can my child come for 3 or 4 days out of 5 days?
    • No, all students must come on time every day. Results will only be seen if students follow all the guidelines from the school.
  3. What do you emphasize on in your school?
    • At Academy An-Noor, we strive very hard to instill good character in our students. Good morals, behavior, attitude and respect are vital ingredients to nurture our generation to come. We always advise the children to be respectful towards their parents, family members, elderly and general public.
  4. Can I teach my child Quran by Skype?
    • Students who come to our programs are not only taught the curriculum, but most importantly Islamic values and tarbiyat is embedded in their hearts because of being in the environment of masjid. Children growing up in Canada are suffering identity crisis. Not knowing who they are as a result of learning by Skype. No exposure to Muslims or Masjid. We cannot expect these children to contribute positively to society if we have kept them away from the Masjid in their early childhood years.

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